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Third Generation

18. Photo George A Sargent1,13 was born on 18 Sep 1859 in Saint Clair County, Illinois.1 He lived in Saint Clair County, Illinois about 1860. He was a farmer about 1880 in Field Township, Jefferson County, Illinois.14 He lived Field Township in Jefferson County, Illinois about 1880.14 He died on 8 Mar 1946 in Jefferson County, Illinois.1,13 Michael Sargent shows 8 Mar instead of 8 May for a death date. He writes with the following explanation: As to George Sargent you are probably right on the 8 Mar date vs. the 8 May date. I found a letter written to me by my grandfather Pearl in 1976 in the files and he had listed all the dates he knew and he put 10 Mar for his date of death. He was a walking encyclopedia of knowledge and this was probably what he knew in his head, likely he got the month right and the day wrong. I have some handwritten (pre-computer) family group records from Dr. Bill Sargent which he sent me about 1988 and he only lists 1946 on the sheet. So I would take your date over mine, at least you have some source to quote! I have a photograph of George and Arvilla's headstone but it only lists the years of birth and death. He also writes Frank, I kept wondering where I would have gotten the May 8th date for George Sargent and I figured it out late last night. A woman named Martha Swift Foster published a hardback book called History of Pleasant Hill Cemetery a couple of years ago. I has a listing of all grave markers and also records that exist. George and Arvilla are buried there. She listed May 8 1946 as an approximate date of death, she lists Dr. Bill Sargent as her source. I still think that Mar 8 is probably correct however. There are several Parkers and Sargents in that cemetery.
He was buried in Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Mount Vernon, Jefferson County, Illinois.15,16 The following comments are from a letter and family group sheets from Regina K. Davidson.
After George's parents died when he was only 11, he lived with his Grandmother Sarah Hill until she died about 6 months later. George was then taken in by a German family named Pfeffer.
Little is known about the Pfeffer's. However, George apparently learned the German language in his several years stay with the family. It is interesting to note that several of his children bear predominent German names such as Adolphus and Gussie.
Later, George lived with his sister Elizabeth in Jefferson County, IL. The length of this period is unknown with George marrying Wincey Arvilla Parker at age 20. George died at age 86 of stomach cancer.

George A Sargent and Wincey Arvilla Parker were married on 21 Mar 1880 in M. A. Parker's Residence, Jefferson County, Illinois.1,13,14 Per Regina K Davidson, Wincey Arvilla Parker was 16 at her marriage to George Sargent. They appeared in the census in 1880 in Field Township, Jefferson County, Illinois.17 Wincey Arvilla Parker14 (daughter of Dr James Thomas Parker and Micah Ann "Micky (Mickey)" Hutchison) was born in Jul 1863 in Larkinburg, Clay County, Illinois.1,13,18 She lived in Field Township, Jefferson County, Illinois about 1880.14 She died of blood poisoning following a miscarriage on 5 Apr 1903 in Jefferson County, Illinois.1 She was buried in Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Mount Vernon, Jefferson County, Illinois.15 George A Sargent and Wincey Arvilla Parker had the following children:



William Adolphus Sargent.



Charles Oliver "Ollie" Sargent.



Thomas Earl "Scrage" Sargent.



Ethel Gussie Sargent.



Gertrude B Sargent.



George A "Abe" Sargent Jr was born on 8 Apr 1888 in Illinois.1,19 Regina Davidson had his birth as 6 Nov 1888 but his tombstone says 8 Apr. He died on 16 Dec 1962.1,19 Regina Davidson had his death date as 14 Dec but his tombstone shows 16 Dec. He was buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Jefferson County, Illinois.19 George never married.



Beulah Sargent.



Stella E Sargent.



Hazel Arvilla Sargent.



Emory Parker "Arnet" Sargent.



John Paul Sargent.



Oda Sargent.



Opal Julia Sargent.