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Second Generation

3. William Matthew Sargent was born on 28 Sep 1833 in Saint Clair County, Illinois.1,6 He appeared in the census in 1840 in Saint Clair County, Illinois.4 He died from typhoid on 15 Mar 1870 in Saint Clair County, Illinois.1 He was buried on 17 Mar 1870 in Squire Hill (Rittinghouse) Cemetery, Prairie du Long Township, St. Clair County, Illinois. He was a farmer.

William Matthew Sargent and Nancy Caroline Hill were married on 3 Mar 1852 in Saint Clair County, Illinois.6 Both William and Nancy died within a day of one another from typhoid fever contracted from contaminated water flowing from the town of Belleville, Illinois to the farm in which they lived.

At the time of their death the children were Thomas 18, Elizabeth 13, George 11, and Harriet 9.

The following is from obituaries pasted in a book containing the church records of the Risdon Baptist Church of Christ. The names of the newspapers were not included, however, they could have been from Sparta, Freeburg, and the other papers in the St. Clair and northern Randolph County areas.

Departed this life, on the 15th March at 3 o'clock P.M. at his residence, WILLIAM SARGENT, by occupation, a farmer of South Twelve Mile Prairie, St. Clair County, aged 37 years. Also, NANCY CAROLINE, wife of William Sargent, aged 36, passed into the spirit world on the 16th, at 7 o'clock P.M. Their mortal remains were carried to their last resting place, in the same grave, on the 17th. This sad bereavement hath deprived seven children-one an infant only three months old, of that care and protection so necessary to their right training, and future well being and happiness.

Mr. Sargent was a man of most excellent natural abilities, with a mind well improved, and possessed of no ordinary degree of information. Comparatively a young man, the inheritor of no fortune, yet he was so industrious and frugal that he had, by his own talent and force of character, acquired a handsome property. He was a kind husband, an intelligent and affectionate father, ever ready to help the needy to the best of his ability, and fearless in the defence of right. Always rational, he never failed to advance his opinions, in strict accord with the rules of right reason. Not at all given to bigotry, he would immediately abandon error so soon as his judgement decided it to be such. He was a lively and pleasant companion, a faithful friend and kind neighbor. It has been the good fortune of the writer of these lines to often meet with our departed friend; and whether it were upon the public highway, amid the throng of city thoroughfare, or, at our little debates in the district school house, yet there were ever present in every word, look and gesture, the evidences of a kind and sympathetic heart, a benevolent soul, and a spirit governed by hightoned magnanimity. I could mention specific acts of our departed friend, if time would permit, which would go to prove the presence of those exalted virtures, but it is not necessary.

Mrs. Sargent was the daughter of Henry Hill, Esq., an old resident of South Twelve Mile Prairie. She was an intelligent and affectionate mother and wife. So completely wrapped in her affections was her husband, that, notwithstanding she did not appear to be suffering, (from the same disease of which they both died) so much as to cause alarm--besides the disease was not manifest in her case till two days after her husband had taken ill--yet, when she learned the awful truth that her husband was dying, she uttered a cry of lamentation and began to sink into the slumbers of mortal repose. Never did two Persons pass away so quietly, without a struggle or any apparent pain. Their like we shall never again behold on earth. May their dear orphan children never forget to immitate their example, and love and cherish them in their memories. Peace to their ashes; and may their souls bask forever in the
realms of eternal felicity, is the prayer of a friend who knew them well. S. Nancy Caroline Hill (daughter of Henry B Hill and Sarah Lamastess) was born on 28 Apr 1834 in Saint Clair County, Illinois.1,9 She died from typhoid on 16 Mar 1870 in Saint Clair County, Illinois.1 She was buried on 17 Mar 1870 in Squire Hill (Rittinghouse) Cemetery, Prairie du Long Township, St. Clair County, Illinois.9 William Matthew Sargent and Nancy Caroline Hill had the following children:



Thomas Sargent.



Emily Sargent.



Elizabeth Sargent.



George A Sargent.



Harriet Sargent was born on 3 Mar 1861 in Saint Clair County, Illinois.1 She died on 13 Jan 1875 in Saint Clair County, Illinois.1