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Ancestors of Carl Fred Heinzmann

Carl F. Heinzmann passed away on April 21, 2006. This web edition of his ancestors is especially dedicated to his memory. Carl Heinzmann lived a full and long life. He finished this life in true form and as a true example to all of us. Dad was very organized. He had a place for everything and everything in its place. He had a special way of doing everything from cooking beef vegetable soup to marking his antiques. He maintained his special ways and his special organization through to the end of this life.

Carl Heinzmann certainly deserves a biography but in this dedication, I would like to briefly touch on his last few months.

Carl joined my family in Texas for Thanksgiving 2005. Dad was really a homebody but I do believe he enjoyed seeing his grandchildren, their spouses, his step-great-grandchildren and many of the in-laws and "out-laws". He relaxed in the easy chair we bought especially for him and he watched his favorite television shows, Jeopardy and The Price is Right.

Carl joined my sister, Phyllis Ann Johnson, and her family in New Jersey for Christmas 2005. He told me he had a really great time. He enjoyed staying at her home. He visited with all the grandchildren, their spouses, and all the great-grandchildren. In the past, he had hurried back to Illinois to be with us for Christmas but this year we decided to wait until his birthday in January. This allowed him to stay a few days longer out east.

We joined Dad for his 91st birthday in January 2006. We picked up some fried chicken and salads and went to Maxine and Wesley Cole's where we were joined by Randy, Marlene, and Julie Cole. Dad loved the birthday lunch and exclaimed that it was the best birthday he had had in years. We had no idea it would be the last.

Carl had been having problems with an upset stomach for a few months but taking some antacid usually calmed it down. When his problems continued, we finally convinced him to see a doctor. The first diagnosis was a probable stomach virus. When he didn't improve, he was finally hospitalized for tests in March. When the tests came back as an aggressive cancer of the esophagus, Dad's comment was a phrase from Masonry, "no sooner are you born than you begin to die."

Dad spent most of the next month in the living room of his home. At first, in his favorite easy chair, and later in a hospital bed. Dad was with us mentally throughout the whole time. He was spared the awful pain many cancer patients experience. He only took one or two pain pills each day. My sister, my wife, and I stayed with him. The neighbors brought us food and many relatives and friends visited. Dad was a loving, caring man right up to the end. On the morning of his death, he thanked the nurse that had stopped to check on him. As Dad's grandfather clock struck 12 noon, Dad took his last breath. He passed away in peace, after a successful and fullfilling life, with nothing left undone nor unsaid.

Even in passing, Carl Heinzmann was an example. He taught us about organization and planning but most of all, he taught us about dedication and hard work. Carl was dedicated to our Mother, Helen A Cherry Heinzmann. When Alzheimer's claimed her mind, he stayed by her side as her sole care-giver. He dedicated himself to giving her the best care possible and he made sure she did not have to go to a nursing home. He was at her side when she passed away in May 1995.

Like Carl was at Mom's side, we, his children, were at his side when he passed in April 2006. We will continue to remember and praise him. His grandchildren and great-grandchildren will share his memories and the many antiques he shared with us.

May this family history and genealogy also serve his memory.

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